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Elena is the duaghter of a rich men, she is married to Sergio, whose origins are very humble, when they married they made an agreement: he would have never cheated her, otherwise they would have divorced and he would have lost all his benefits, on the other hand she would have had all the freedom she wanted. But despite this agreement, now Serge has a young and open-minded lover, Titty, who menaces to lo leave him, if they don’t go on holiday together. In order of not loosing the woman he is in ove with, he finds a way to hire her as a servant at their house at the seaside where the staff is led by the beautiful Rebecca..who is not so happy about this new hiring...In the meanwhile Sergio’s wife arrives at the Villa with her friend who is a personal shopper and she decides to stay instead of going back to the city this point the situation becomes complicated and the result is a story rich in adultery, sex and intrigues where at the end the cheater is cheated on

Director: Francesco Fanelli

Duration: 2 ore e 09 minuti



25-01-2017 15.42

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